Don’t let your mani/pedi be a hazard to your health


This winter has been absolutely brutal, but the word on the street is: Spring is right around the corner!
Ladies (and gentlemen), if you haven’t done so already, it’s time to get those hands and feet in order. I’m sure you’d all agree that the warmer the weather it gets, the busier the nail salons get. Going to the salon should be peaceful, relaxing, and pampering experience.

Unfortunately, there are some common nail salon health hazards that could end up ruining your trip and well being. Knowing some of the signs to look for once you are at the nail salon can help protect you from picking up a nasty fungal or bacterial infection or other health hazards.

Take the following quiz to see if your nail salon will pass the test. It could save you from a world of trouble:

1. Before your mani/pedi begins, does your Nail Technician ask you to wash your hands and use a nail brush to clean them and was the pedicure tub clean prior to service.
2. OK, YOU washed YOUR hands. Did your Nail Technician, or nail tech, do the same?
3. Before the session started, did the Nail Tech check your hands and/or feet for wounds, scratches, sores and the like? Did he/she ask you about any medical problems? Did he/she serve you even if a problem was present?
4. How about the towel? Did your Nail Technician break out a clean one?
5. Was your tech’s state license prominently displayed at the work station?
6. How’s the nail/foot station? Is it clean, or can you see how much was trimmed off the last customer’s nails, as they’ve been left scattered around the area?
7. Now let’s talk about the tools of the trade. Did your Nail Technician break out a NEW file and buffer for your appointment?
8. Are the nail files and other tools individually packaged, are they in a dirty containers, or does it look like they’re being fished out of a kitchen junk drawer?
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Have you ever had a bad mani/pedi experience?

Image credit: NYCOSH


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